Accounting 2016

Accounting 2016

Accounting 2016 is done and delivered it to Norwegian authorities – The Norwegian Tax Administration and The Brønnesund Register Center. 

ProsjektKonsulent AS delivers consultancy and start ups to all sectors.

The firm has history of high-quality deliveries and cooperate with frame-contractors and Management by Network. The Company are based in Norway, founded 7th of March 2001.

Project management

ProsjektKonsulent AS provides Project Management to public and private sectors. Delivery-, strategy- and developement project.

Commercial management

ProsjektKonsulent AS provides Commercial Management to public and private sectors.

Information and Communication

ProsjektKonsulent AS deliver information, communication and strategies for market communication to all type of projects.

Marketing and sponsoring

ProsjektKonsulent AS deliver specific marketing and sponsorship strategies. During 2013 we also deliver supply management role by sport and culture events.

Aim Coaching

ProsjektKonsulent AS gives aim process coaching for business, teams and individuals.


SonNorway AS, (Ongoing)

ivestby AS, (Ongoing)

Grenland Group

ProsjektKonsulent AS, pilot projects and projects

Grønn-Hansen Butikkinnredninger AS

Norwegian Defence, Project/Program Golf

Consulting Training AS

Management by network

ProsjektKonsulent AS established in 2004 Management by Network.

The Network contributes with expertise in various areas and consisting of individual consultants, companies and organizations.

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